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Ketac™ Molar Quick Aplicap™

Ketac™ Molar Quick Aplicap™

Product Code: 3M-56360-56361-56362-56363-56364-56366

KetacTM Molar Quick Material Is A Bulk-Fill, Packable And Fast-Settling
   Conventional Glass Ionomer

High Compressive Strength And Marginal Integrity Make It A Glass Ionomer
   Of Choice For Posterior Restorations 

- High compressive strength
- Minimal abrasion
- Excellent handling characteristics; plastic contouring and condensing properties similar
  to amalgam
- Aplicap capsule provides consistent quality, simplified handling and a long nozzle for
   direct application of the material 

- Primary teeth fillings
- Single surface fillings in non-occlusal areas
- Cervical fillings in posterior region
- Base material for single- and multiple-surface composite fillings - Core buildups prior to crown placement
- Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)

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