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Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable Composites

Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable Composites

Product Code: 3M-4862-A1(See the table)

Offers A Faster, Easier Solution
With Less Shrinkage Stress Than Many Traditional Flowable And Universal
  Composites, It Can Be Placed In One 4 mm Increment 

- Up to 50% stronger than the leading bulk fill flowable
- Nearly twice the wear resistance of leading bulk fill flowable - Choice of deliveries: easy-to-use capsules or syringes 

- Base under Class I and II direct restorations
- Liner under direct restorative materials
- Pit and fissure sealant
- Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations (including small, non stress-bearing occlusal restorations)
- Class III and V restorations
- Undercut blockout
- Repair of small enamel defects
- Repair of small defects in esthetic indirect restorations
- Repair of resin and acrylic temporary materials
- As a core build-up where at least half the coronal tooth structure is remaining to provide structural support for the crown



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