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Adper™ Prompt™ Self-Etch Adhesive

Adper™ Prompt™ Self-Etch Adhesive

Product Code: 3M-41925

Offers Easy Activation And High Performance
The Unique L-PopTM Delivery System Is Fast And Easy To Use, Allowing 
You To Tech, Prime And Bond In A Single Step 

- Bonds to dentin, cut and uncut enamel without a separate etch step
- Clinically proven
- Very low incidence of post-operative sensitivity
- Desensitizes hypersensitive root surfaces
- Simplifies sealant technique
- Cures with any light source – halogen, laser, plasma or LED
- Ensures hygienic delivery of the adhesive material
- Extra small applicator works well with very small preperations and in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth 

- Bonding between dentin/ enamel and direct, light- cured composite and com pomer filling materials
- Bonding light-cured pit and fissure sealants
- Root surface descensitiza- tion 

Item code : 3M -41925
Packing : 40's/pack

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