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RelyX™ Ultimate - Adhesive Resin Cement

RelyX™ Ultimate - Adhesive Resin Cement

Product Code: 3M-56891(see the table)


- RelyXTM Ultimate ClickerTM makes the adhesive cementation of highly aesthetic like glass
 ceramic restorations a whole lot easier by reducing the number of com- ponents required,
 while maximizing bond strength. The combination of RelyX Ultimate cement with Single
 Bond Universal Adhesive from 3MTM ESPETM offers:

 Ultimate bond strength
 Outstanding aesthetics: high marginal integrity, wear resistance and

natural fluorescence
 Suitable for total-etch and self-etch procedures Less waste of material due to ClickerTM delivery 

- RelyX Ultimate adhesive resin cement covers the whole spectrum of indirect indications with the final cementation of:
- All-ceramic, composite or metal inlays, onlays, crownsf and bridges; 2- or 3-unit Maryland bridges and 3-unit inlay/ onlay bridges
- All-ceramic or composite veneers
- All-ceramic, composite, or metal restorations to implant abutments
- Posts and screws

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