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3M™ESPE ™ Monophase Penta Polyether Impression Material

3M™ESPE ™ Monophase Penta Polyether Impression Material

Product Code: 3M-31796/31798


- The new 3MTM ESPETM (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Material with its bright colour
  means enhanced readability for you. And your patients will enjoy its fresh mint flavour and
  appreciate how easily the impression can be removed from the mouth. 3M ESPE (Soft) Monophase
  impression material helps you create highly detailed impressions and perfectly fitting restorations  
  right away, capitalising on polyether’s proven benefits:

 Outstanding initial hydrophilicity for precise, void-free impressions 
  Excellent flow properties delivering great detail reproduction
  Unique “snap-set” behaviour to prevent setting while you’re working 


-The new polyether impression materials are available for convenient automatic mixing in
 the Pentamix™ System from 3M ESPE. Recommended for:
- Implant impressions
- Edentulous impressions
- Crown and bridge impressions
- Inlay and onlay impressions

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