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CoJet™ System

CoJet™ System

Product Code: 3M-68421/68411

Adhesive System For Intraoral Adhesive Repairs 

-  Intraoral repair of fractured composite or porcelain, even with exposed metal
-  Extraoral pretreatment of inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges, and pins and posts for adhesive luting 

Blasting with the CoJet system embeds a ceramic layer on the surface
 of metal, porcelain or previously cured composite, producing dramatically enhanced bond strengths
-Embedded ceramic layer enables silane coupling with composite for a true chemical bond with alloys and porcelain
-Chairside, intraoral technique allows for highly esthetic repair of porcelain or composite restorations and provides an
 economical alternative to re- placing the restoration. Plus, repairs can be made in one session 

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