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Ketac™ N100 Light Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative

Ketac™ N100 Light Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative

Product Code: 3M-3527I(See the table)

KetacTM N100 Light-Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative Paste/Paste Form Makes An Ideal Alternative
  Esthetic Glass Ionomer Solution For Patients Ranging From Pedi- atric Through Geriatric 

- Faster, easier mixing and dispensing - with accurate, reproducible dosing from the ward-winning Chicker Dispenser
  for 3M ESPE
- The first paste/paste RMGI restorative based on bonded nanofiller technology
- Esthetic glass ionomer restorative - High fluoride release
- Improved wear resistance 

- Primary teeth restorations 

- Small Class I restorations
- Class III and V restorations
- Transitional restorations
- Sandwich restorations
- Core build-ups 



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